The Strangest Relationship I’ve Ever Been In

Two years and 10 months ago I became friends with a woman who works for the same company. I’m 33 and a straight male she is 37 and a very obvious lesbian. Doris has a great personality, sense of humor and just a very kind and thoughtful woman. After 5 or 6 months I was offered to take over a lease on a beautiful two bedroom apartment by a guy who was being transferred to our Houston TX office.

The rent was more than I could afford so my first thought was to ask Doris to be my roommate. She agreed right away and that is what has led to the strangest relationship I’ve ever been in.

Now Doris isn’t what I would call a knockout but she is a fairly attractive female. On the other hand, Doris has no attraction of me other than a friend. I’ll call it less than fully clothed at first but then we began comfortably seeing each other in underwear often and naked once in a while. Neither of us seemed to care and we joked about it often.

She would say things like she didn’t see “dick” often and that she wasn’t impressed by it, in a laughing manner. Myself, seeing her in her bra and panties or especially naked was arousing for me. We both have girlfriends who stay over sometimes but they are both unconcerned with Doris and I living together.

As months went by the nudity around each other has progressed to seeing each other naked a few times a week. I doubt even now that Doris is aware of how many times I have jerked off after seeing her naked or in skimpy underwear. I now have very little modesty in front of her and enjoy having her see me naked.

We get along great and double date often with our girlfriends. As much as Doris and I joke around about our nudity around each other neither of us bring it up in front of our girlfriends, other friends or people we work with. She has absolutely no problem with me seeing her naked or her seeing me. I think because she is gay she has a mental block thinking I have no interest in her body.

We talk about sexual things and have discussed our sex lives in detail at times. We both admitted to masturbation but I have never confessed to her how much I enjoy seeing her body. There’s no way I can tell how often I jerk off after seeing her naked. She does know for sure I’m a straight male but she just doesn’t get it. We watch tv in our underwear often and some nights I sit there with a raging hard-on. She wears a thong and has 2 bras that leave little to the imagination. The good news is we sign a new lease next month.

By: Larry

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