Dirty Underside of the Hotel Business

After college I took a job at a large hotel chain in their management trainee pogram. I was assigned to house keeping and one of the girls told me a man had shown himself naked to her. Supervisor told me no time like the present to learn the dirty underside of the hotel business. The man asked what was wrong with being naked in his room. And added, did I have something against dicks?

It’s a no win situation. He walked out of the shower, she should have ‘come’ back but he told her to ho ahead. Sure he set her up. Next time, leave until no one is in the room.

I was waiting outside to get a Lift after work, and that man walks up and says he will take me home, it’s the least he can do. I went with him, to save the money. My roommate wasn’t there. I got bent over the table, pulling my pants down. I watched in the deflection on the glass door as he fucked me and wiped off his dick with my skirt. I ‘saw’ his dick, and he touched my lips with it. I studied at the CIA and he put me to cook for him. My roommate walked in while I was serving him and she sat down to eat with us.

After I had cleaned up, he took us out on the town. Not holding his hand or arm was a no no. We danced, mostly my roommate and me. Danced for him. He wanted some caressing and kissing from us. No different than bending over, or cooking for him, we kissed and ‘touched’ for him. We went back to our apartment and ‘slept’ with him. It was a lot of performance sex for him, and he got his rocks off with us. He left after breakfast and I called in to get the day off.

My roommate still talks about that ‘hot’ night. I haven’t seen or touched a dick after that night. I’m strictly hers.

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