I Love Someone Who Had Friend Zoned Me

idk I love someone who had friend zoned me. so I declare him as a brother to throw that feeling away. but when He broke up with his GF he say he don’t want to be in relationship anymore. but HE kinda tryin to close to me. I tried to put some gap like awkward gap to prevent my feeling towards him growing again. BUT……. still he want to talk to me. I JUST CAN”T LIE TO MY SELF!! I may sounds selfish. BUT WHAT CAN YOU TELL WHEN YOU SIT SOMEWHERE CALM IN A PARTY THEN HE CAME JUST TO SIT NEXT TO YOU!!

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  1. First, Ask yourself.. Do you really want a life together with him? If Yes, Open your Heart & Soul to him.. Express how much you Love him & want together a life to share. If he accepts Okay. If not, make yourself busy in some work and avoid him completely for time being for 2 years and in meantime, concentrate on future goals.

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