Cum Sandwitch

this happened when i visited my best female friend. one morning during breakfast, i had a morning boner, and was dying to masturbate. she prepared a sandwich for herself with some cottage cheese on, and after taking a few bites, she got up and went to the bathroom for a wee, and i thought it was the perfect moment, so while she was away,i got my hard cock out and masturbated frantically and soon i came and i shot all my cum on her sandwich, on top of the cottage cheese. it was quite a lot of cum and when i finished i realized it was quite obvious, but i let it be as it was. after a minute she emerged from the bathroom and sat down by the kitchen table and we continued talking while she poured another cup of coffee. then, after a sip of coffee, she picked up her sandwich and took a bite of it and i could see how the cum was still all over the cheese and how she bit down on it, with some of the cum ending up on her upper lip. even after she had swallowed the bite down, she had a little bit cum left on her lip and i couldn’t take my eyes off it. she noticed i was staring so she asked “what is it?” and as we both have a deranged sense of humor i replied “you look like you have a bit cum on your lip” and we both laughed and then she made her usual fake actress pose, batted her eyes at me in her cute way, and slooowly licked her lip with her tongue while moaning exaggeratedly. then, continuing her act, she slowly took another bite, making sure she got more of the cheese/cum on her lip, and followed this with some more licking. she repeated this for the rest of the sandwich, and it was sooo unbelievably exciting, and right after we had finished the breakfast, i had to go for another wank in the bathroom..i even said “sweety i must go for a wank now” and she just giggled and winked at me.

Confessed by: Fred
Gender: Male
From Country: Switzerland

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