I Wear Their Panties, My Neighbours

Two sisters I know, both gorgeous young girls, have dominated me for a few years. The other day they gave me a gift. It was a bag with 60 pairs of their old panties. I have to wear a different pair every day and take pics so they can share them. Just knowing their hot little pussies have been in them makes me hard every time so they will have lots of pics of my cock and in panties to humiliate me. Right now I’m wearing tartan hello kitty panties and my cock is once again…hard. I wish every girl knew I’m doing this and made fun of me.

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  1. I was publicly humiliated the other day by a female manager at a coffee shop in a small mall. I walked in with bare feet and really short cut off jean shorts with a good quarter of my bare bottom exposed. I ordered coffee and took it to my table and walked around for a good period of time so everyone could see my bare bum. The other patrons were shocked and some were laughing while others were disgusted. I was snickering at my table. A couple of minutes later, the middle aged lady manager came over to my table and loudly chastised me for coming in dressed the way I was(you cannot come in here with dirty bare feet and especially not with your bare behind hanging out of your shorts-you know better don't you). Everyone was looking over at me and my face turned red but I said there is nothing wrong with bare feet in a coffee shop and what does it matter about a little bare bum cheeks showing. She was not amused. She ordered me to leave immediately and I said I want to finish my coffee. She then pulled me up out of my seat by my ear as I yelped and then I felt the humiliating sting of the palm of her hand smack by bare backside in front of everyone. It made a loud smacking sound throughout the coffee shop. I froze, gulped and was red faced. She then marched me out by the ear, spanking my bare bum hard with her hand on the way out while everyone watched. I was so stunned and humiliated that I just took it without resisting and then she marched me down the hallway in the rest of the mall in front of shop owners and people passing by while repeatedly spanking my bare bottom hard. My poor bottom was on fire now and was likely redder than my face. She forcibly removed me from the mall and warned me not to come back dressed like this or I would get the same thing. I faced her with my eyes wide open, rubbing my behind cheeks and crying a bit and when she said get out of here now, I ran red assed to my car parked in the lot. I will not be doing this anytime soon.

  2. This looks like a good opportunity to make contact with this dominant lady. I suggest you write a letter to her apologising for your conduct and asking if there is anything you could do to repay her for all her trouble You could say you are very obedient and can be made to do any menial domestic tasks

    • Hi Angela. Thanks for the advice and I am strongly considering doing what you suggested. I just need to work up the courage and I think I will follow through with this shortly.



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