I Dress Very Sexy And Slutty

I confess to being a closeted Crossdresser (male to female) and I am also now only finding I want Men and cock.

I dress very sexy and slutty.

I only wear 5" strappy sandle type heels I have 25 pairs of sexy sissy tiny panties most crotchless for easy access,12 dresses and skirts all very short, 25 pairs to premium thigh high Nylons 10 pairs of sexy slutty Heels (all 5" strappy whore heels)2 wigs makeup, nail polish sissy slut pink collar and pink leash and a ton of toys buttplugs dildos tens unit fleshlite.

I dress in the wee hours of the morning, Like 4am and go outside of my house parading and swingging my ass as sexy as I can right out to the street, sometimes up on my front porch I sit in a chair with my legs crossed tightly and looking sooo feminine and sexy …I have lights that come on to motion and its dark so they come on and one can clearly see me.

I don't want to get caught but the excitement of being seen is so INCREDIBLY Hot …

and makes me sooo horny. So this is MY CONFESSION My name is Sean Carey I am a sissy shemale CD.

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