A New Boy Came To Class

A new boy came to class. He also rode my bus.

He got off with me a couple of days later and walked me home.

My mother told me I didn't have permission to talk with him because he wasn't a Christian.

A few days later my mother was with my sister at the dentists.

I ley him in my house, he took off my clothes, spread my legs and ate me, lowered his pants and screwed me.

Two months later I was diagnosed as pregnant, my mother wore black, the JP performed the ceremony.

I married a Jewish boy, his mother had me live with them.

I was 14, turned 15 before the baby was born.

I converted to being Jewish to raise my children.

This boy liked sex, we had sex, his mother gave me instructions, gave me a booklet on positions, oral, anal, vaginal, front, back, sideways.

Each birth was celebrated. Sex and children came together like hand in glove. Born to it, I did it.

Raised my girls to want sex, have sex, respect sex. A girl needs sex, so she can become a woman.

My mother-in-law taught me that. Never go to bed mad, or with your panties on.

Wear pants when you are on your period. Sex is marriage.

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