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    I slept with my husband’s rude father

    I slept with my husband’s rude father a year before he died. My father in law was a racist, gross human being, but during a time when me and the hubby weren’t intimate I did a despicable thing. I slept with his old father. I’d say he was in his late 70s but I’m not […] More

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    I’m basically a psychopath

    hi. I’m not going to tell you my name, but rather my story. I’ve always been quite violent as a child, constantly hitting people. I am now 19 and I’m a med student. as a child, I would often do risky stuff. I really want to be a surgeon, even now, so when I was […] More

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    Misleading Everybody I Know

    I am a very lazy guy and to cover up for my slacking nature, I lie. To everybody , family , friends , teachers. I haven’t been honest with anybody. I lied to my parents about my academics. They think I am a genius but I actually am scoring below par. They have high expectations […] More