I slept with my husband’s rude father

I slept with my husband’s rude father a year before he died. My father in law was a racist, gross human being, but during a time when me and the hubby weren’t intimate I did a despicable thing. I slept with his old father. I’d say he was in his late 70s but I’m not completely sure.

I was drinking and one night he was actually likable. He’s an ugly, old republican and an arrogant woman hater, so was I desperate for the nearest body or c**k, or was I just trashed and depressed? Maybe all of the above.

I have been told I am attractive and I used to be and was when I slept with him. I was in my late 30s then and in my mid 40s now. I’d like to say it was a weak moment but it incredibly was quite good for a disgusting old man.

We were talking and he started massaging my feet. I started giggling and after that all I can remember is riding him on the couch.’To make things worse I let him cum in me and I wasn’t on the pill. It shouldn’t have been a problem anyway with my schedule but I panicked.

Did I just let my father in law knock me up? Or is his sperm dead like he often is? He sure as hell had more agility than my husband had at that point. He made me climax twice in a quick 5 minute session.

I seemed to have made his year while ruined mine at the time. Lying in bed that night, I became aroused thinking of him ejaculating in me and how bad it felt doing the deed so I clearly liked it. I just hated that it was him.

He was a misogynist and was often quite crude towards women particularly me, but maybe that was his way of telling me I like and want to sleep with you. I honestly don’t know, but it was the best sex I had had in over a month as my husband was more dead than he was. Beyond disgusted but I think fondly of that brief little moment despite of it.

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