I’m basically a psychopath

hi. I’m not going to tell you my name, but rather my story. I’ve always been quite violent as a child, constantly hitting people. I am now 19 and I’m a med student. as a child, I would often do risky stuff. I really want to be a surgeon, even now, so when I was 9 I killed my dog and dissected it.

The weird part: I did not feel guilt or remorse at all. about two months ago, I fell and ended up in the hospital. they ended up doing brain scans and they found out that my emotional part of my brain is completely gone (off?). they told me that I have a mental illness. I later found out that I’m basically a psychopath.

Now if I look back to all the horrible things I did as a child, it makes sense. my dad is a neurosurgeon, so I always stole his scalpels to cut things open. I was once suspended from school because I was about to cut open the bully on the playground. I was and still am an extremely good manipulator.

As a teenager, I found out that a was a pathological liar. I lied for fun. 24/7. that also adds up to my mental illness. I only now realise that I never actually loved my parents or my sisters, which is also why I manipulated them to send me to a boarding school in France. when I was 17, I ruined my teacher’s career by manipulating him to get my art grade up, then I told the headmaster that he tried to ‘touch’ me. he got fired and I got away with my crime.

I’ve done much more horrible shit during my lifetime. and I’m only 19. the hospital (and the court) decided to take me out of med school and put me in a mental hospital. but in all honesty, I couldn’t care less.

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