I was a Church Girl

Six months I was an awesome Church Girl! I was involved in three different small groups and attended weekly services. I volunteered in the children ministry and led the greeting team. I had my daily quiet time and read the Bible. All my friends were Christian, and we avoided sin as much as possible. I even stopped wearing colored contacts and skirts so I can be more pure and natural. Boy did that change.

I don’t hang out with my Christian friends, I drink, I party, I even did coke for the first time a few weeks back (I’m never doing a drug again). I love boys more than ever and I love to dance! Of course I believe in God, and I pray everyday. I just hear the Holy Spirit telling me I’m bad. I’m sorry, but I’m loving my youth so much now. God, forgive me, I love you, you know it, I know it.

Will god forgive me?

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