The Other Church Members Are Fine, But Not My Parents

My church was one of the church where we believe COVID is nothing compares to the might of Jesus Christ.

I agree with this.

But what I don't agree is neglecting to do our part to suppress the infection rate (not washing hands regularly, not wearing mask while in church, saying that Covid virus will instantly die the second it enters the church.

Now just like what I predicted, after Delta variant emerges, one by one my church members are infected.

I truly believe that God can heal them, but there is a DARK THOUGHT that I wished some of them or at least one will die due to Covid, just to open their eyes that DAMMIT DON'T BE SO ARROGANT like your life is untouchable, all high and mighty.

But my parents are infected as well and surely I don't want them to die.

The other church members are fine, but not my parents.

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