I Am Aryan I Am Preparing For An Very Important Exam My Parents Has Spent Alot Of Money On Me But I Just Dont Feel Like I Wanna Do It Now I Am Faking Everything Not Studying Playing Games Hiding Test Results And My Parents Are Spending Alot Of Money On Me I Dont Know What To Do I Feel So Shit Now I Havte Time To Recover But No Spirit To Do So God Plz To Some Magic Bring The Old Me Back He Was Much Better And Enthusiastic I Am Just A Peice Of Shit Coward Child NowÜôé

I am aryan i am preparing for an very important exam my parents has spent alot of money on me but i just dont feel like i wanna do it now i am faking everything not studying playing games hiding test results and my parents are spending alot of money on me i dont know what to do i feel so shit now i havte time to recover but no spirit to do so god plz to some magic bring the old me back he was much better and enthusiastic i am just a peice of shit coward child nowüôÉ

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