I got a blowie from my dream girl

I’m sure all of us know that ”school hoe” or that extremely popular girl that is hot. It’s every guy’s dream to be able to say they’ve hooked up with her. Or better yet, they’ve had sex. That is where my story begins.

Ever since I was a freshman I’ve gone to school with this beautiful-brunette girl with sun-tanned skin, and a beautiful athletic physique, thick legs and ass (athletically not fat) and just an overall Instagram model body. Her name is “Valentina” and she lives a few houses down my street. Although, she makes fun of me a lot and is extremely toxic towards me. That is why this story confuses me. I am a pretty nerdy guy and don’t have much going on and am her exact opposite.

I’m going to cut the chase and get right into the story now. My parents forced me to go over to her house because her parents were on a trip and she wasn’t allowed to leave the house. My parents offered her parents to send me over and her parents loved the idea.

I got to her house and she didn’t want anything to do with me, she was crept out by me and tried ignoring me the whole time. That was when she began to get into the alcohol. After a while, she offered me some and we were going to town.

After a while we got a buzz from it, she became super chill with me. That was when she asked if I was still a virgin. I didn’t want to be a liar so I shamefully said yes. She gave me a weird look and began pulling me by the arm to her room.

We got to her room and she pushed me onto her bed. ”Was this really happening?” I kept thinking to myself. She pulled her black yoga pants down. I don’t know why but her black thong, black hoodie, and messy hair bun really was turning me on.

She got onto her knees right next to me on the bed. She began pulling my pants off. I was really awkward and didn’t know where to put my arms. She guided my one arm right onto her ass gesturing me to rub it as she picked up my d**k with her mouth. She began sucking really really hard, I knew I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t. My blowjob session lasted maybe 30 mins and I ejaculated 4 times into her mouth.

It was the best feeling in the world. I thought I was getting a blowjob by a real pornstar or something. I think we could’ve done more, but I left her house in awkwardness. I will never forget the feeling of having my hand playing with such a perfect ass while the beautiful devil gagged on my d**ck and drooled cum.

I really want to tell my friends about this, but I don’t think they’ll believe me. Plus, I don’t want this to ruin her reputation or anything. I will definitely tell someone about this someday.

I know this story doesn’t sound bad, but imagine a pretty nerdy person you know having sex with an extremely hot babe. That’s exactly what this was.

To clarify, yes we were both 18 years old when this happened.

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