Now in My Early Thirties, I Enjoy Both The Sexes

Where do I start.

My mom used to have me ‘helping’ her, by having me lick and tongue her pussy and ass. She said it de-stressed her from the multiple orgasms I gave her. Enabling her to do the job she did.

My girlfriend’s father took a liking to me, and taught me one night, how to take his fat cock up my asshole. I grew to love it so much, I let an uncle know and it turned out he enjoyed fucking teenage boys rear holes too.

A teacher at college persuaded me to fuck his wife, so he could fuck me. That trio of sordid sexual lust lasted for nearly a year. It ended when he caught me in bed with his wife, and neighbor of theirs.

Now in my early thirties, I enjoy both sexes and have recently been having my mom stop over. Its amazing how her pussy and ass still taste the same all these years later. Only difference now, is I get to dump my load in any of her cum receptacles. Mouth, pussy or ass.

By – Jason

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