Should’ve Kept My Bigmouth Shut But Could Always Be Worse

Almost 25 years during a breakdown from stress and depression I was given a boatload of tests.

I’ve take a few since then as I was skeptical but I’m smack dab in the middle of the psychopath spectrum.

I’m still amused by it as it’s the direct opposite of who I am, but having been given an ill prognosis I decided to let out secrets and truths from my past.

I told this to a couple good friends as I always thought it was amusing.

One is beyond nervous now even though she knows I feel too much and the other said you’re so impulsive and sarcastic it makes perfect sense.

I’ve known sociopaths and they scare the hell out of me but I feel now one of my best friends believes I’m dangerous when I’m just a wiseass that in on a spectrum because of my intelligence and offbeat mind.

Should’ve kept my bigmouth shut but could always be worse.

Hopefully I’ll be dead soon and the prognosis was right. Just lovely.

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