They Began Setting Fire To Cars, Bombing, Killing Thousands Of Innocent People

Pt 2: are given vaccines with varying levels of toxicity.

The allies of the Communist party are doing this to weaken the militaries of those allies that support freedom, and covertly kill off those who oppose the one world communist Government rule by abusing the protocals of medicine.

Did you know there is a International Law for Vaccines, that if 25-50 die they are to be recalled because they are a threat to public safety.

We have thousands who have died for the purposes of corporate profiteering and stock investory profits from the suffering of others; masks, medical supplies, needles, all make some people very wealthy in the disaster economy model.

China, during the pandemic has not only made money and increased their GDP they used our weaknesses to establish new military bases and strongholds around the world.

I had a dream where I saw a Chinese Military General, invading waterways around the United States with an army, and the funny part was she was a woman so no one suspected her and by day she wore plain clothes like a civilian to blend in.

They began setting fire to cars, bombing, killing thousands of innocent people.

So it is only a matter of time before they drop from the sky by striking first with their hypersonic missile that alarmed our own American Military General.

It is imperitive that every citizen STOP PURCHASING PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA and boycott them if you want the American economy and freedom to survive.

They will not take any prisoners. Hell, have a MADE IN CHINA local bonfire and burn it all.

Buy American or from companies that support your local economy.

Amazon does not pay taxes back to your city or state and you know what that means?

More unrepaired… Communism does not allow private owned real estate, religion, freedom of press or your personal liberties but will gladly pay you .25 cents and hour and throw both you and your children on an assembly line, off the roof or prison if you disagree.

This is why you do not want to go cashless, or put more than 10-20% of your money into bitcoin.


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