I’ve Had Sex With Way Too Many Women

I’ve had sex with way too many women.

I started later than most as I was severely shy until age 20.

After that I took off, only way too much and eventually became a sex addict.

Not fun if you’re a real one in having to fulfill those insane urges 15-25 times a day.

Not easy either in finding a warm body either especially in the late 90s.

I often did though but it wasn’t fun when the urges took over.

Of the ones I remember or had conversations with.

I’ve had sex with 28 nurses. I guess I have a nurse fetish.

I could be in a hospital and have sex with them, or merely visiting someone.

Most of my girlfriends were nurses and I didn’t seek them out because they were, they just amazingly often were.

Last week I was getting my usual tests that I get weekly as I have a condition that may end my life if they cannot figure out what is spreading in my brain.

Luckily I sill have my faculties and my boy still works perfectly.

One of the nurses that was in charge of my MRI was flirting with me big time.

Nothing new as it’s just chit chat in my view.

When I was done she said we should get together some time. I said what about now while smirking.

I was half joking as usual but she took me up on it.

I’m guessing she’s done this before as she knew exactly where to go to have sex.

She weirdly started moaning before she blew me and I mean she was moaning before she undid my zipper and took it out.

Horny chick.

We had sex rather hard against the wall and both climaxed. This is now number 29.

I wonder how my next one will go if I’m still around.

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