I liked a girl from office

I am working on a project with several people where we meet regulary online. I liked a girl there and after a while I met her in-person and I even liked her more.

While talking I knew she had a boyfriend. I dont want to complicate her relationship with her BF so I I decided not to tell her, but as hard as I try not to love her, I can’t.

I know many girls who are maybe funnier and prettier than her but I never anyone like “her”. Its been around 6 months I am trying to let her go off my mind and I can’t. Please HELP!!

What do you think?

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  1. Try to make distance and busy yourself instead of thinking her, or wait for the right woman for you.
    Sometimes feelings can make hurts or deceiving that can cost trouble in our life. But when we realized the right thing we must to do is to focus on our life purpose.