I’m a weirdo. I stalk people

I’m a weirdo. I stalk people, as in internet personalities because I’m interested in what they say. I send people hate messages. Or not really, it isn’t for the purpose of spreading hate but because I’m angered by someone’s wrong opinions. Those same people I send nice messages to as well.

I feel intense guilt if I send mean messages though. I also lurk instead of making an account and interacting. I’m not sure I could be their friend that way. And why should they be friends with a creep like me?

I feel awful when I think of the things I’ve said. And I sometimes present a two-faced personality to these people, like this girl I sent a nasty message to but who I talk nicely to in discord. I’m trying to stop and just confront people honestly if I have a problem with their opinions or just ignoring it.

What do you think?

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