My Family Is Positive With Covid But I’M Not

My family is positive with Covid but I'm not. We live in a damn small apartment. 1 toilet no more.

A long story but at the present, I'm locked in this tiny room, not allowed to leave to do anything.

Nothing at all. I understand and perfectly fine with this.

They want to protect me from the virus, I'm very grateful.

But I'm concerned I am going to die because of hunger before the shit attacks me.

Last night my father at 1 a.m saying "I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU dInNeRRRR. But it's too late.

Let's wait for tomorrow I'll give you some soup<3" They did give me soup, at 12 a.m.

They called it "breakfast"? Not even an apology? 23 hours of pain.

They always "accidentally forget" 1 out of 3 meals, sometimes 2.

I have suffered for 6 days, you see, almost got no food for a whole day once.

There's no sight of lunch today btw. I drink water to survive, feel like Robinson.

But you know what sucks more?

I can't go to the toilet!
I'm thankful because I know they do it for my safety.

Thank you sincerely but still.

Can I at least go to the toilet:( I can't handle peeing like this any longer, freaking thing like a can???

No brushing, bathing, cleaning the "thing",…
I had enough, but no one to talk to.

So here I am.

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