We Were At Beach All In Swimsuit

i'am a woman, when i was young my cousins and me were playing some kind of indian and cowboy game.

i wazs he captive and they were figthing to free me or kep me captive.

we were at beach all in swimsuit. i was "tied" to a pole (only a part of a fence) .

i nmiddle of it they were called by their mom for a snack and they let me tied. they forgot me.

i tried call them but after a while i satrted cry. a dog came and licked my face to confort me..

he did stay here. after a lil time i needed pee, i tried hold it but i eneded peing on myself…

the dog licked the pee from the ground to my pussy.

he did lick me and i expereinced tthe first orgasm of my life.

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