I Hate My Brother Very Much

i hate my brother very much ….till 3 months back i was very supportive of him and due to his mental condition …i just kind of let it go …..but he fights with me very often ..he screamed at my mother and i waited and didnt go there to help cause i thought i will make fight worse but he was so loud that i had to go in between and then he started screaming at me and i was a very bad fight …now then i started to ignore him i never go in front of him study in my room ….every morning i wake up before everyone and take all the requirements like water bottle and snacks so that i dont have to get out of my room and see his face i know he is doin all this because of his mental condition but i have my own dreams i want to crack a exam and go to a very top rank university for further studies ….and if he dont see my face then i would be better for him …so i started doing this wake up early morning /….and study in my room whole day …but why dont he leave me alone ..i am not doing anything now ..whay are you picking fight with me ….he is so hostile towards me for no reason …..he came to my room for some work and knock so loud any same person could understand that he is doing this on purpose …i just open the door ….never look him in the eyes and get out of the room without saying a single word to him or showing any disrespect or hatred ……and when i come back after taking a short walk ..i see that my computer was unplugged and all ..then also i never say anything i just plugged in and started studying …..and today also he acts as if he wanted to pick a fight …………god i never say or do any thing so that any body would feel any discomfort ..i just study thats all..never ask for money never ask for anything except books and keep on studying because there i one college i want to go .please god stop him please …….me and my family are fed up from him

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