I Got An Erection A Couple Times Which She Only Laughed About

The first time I realized that I liked girls seeing me naked is when I was 15.

It was embarrassing to an extent because my cousin and 2 of her girlfriends walked in on me when I was not only naked but watching porn and jerking off.

I don't think I was embarrassed they saw me naked but the fact my aunt and parents found out about it certainly did.

My cousin ratted me out and my mom especially was furious about it and I was grounded for several weeks.

I'm 27 now and since then have exposed myself to girls many times.

I have learned with experience that the dumber I act the easier it is to have girls see me naked.

I live by myself now in a small apartment not far from where I grew up.

I have a good job and the 3 girls who see me naked and willingly watch me masturbate think I am a blooming idiot.

Its been going on for almost 2 years and it all began with Nilsa who is a Puerto Rican girl who is 20 now and lives in my apartment building.

It started when she asked me to get her some weed and after that came to my apartment to smoke it and have a few beers.

Each time she came I had less clothes on and she never said anything about it.

She obviously thought I was a moron so I just acted like one.

The first time she saw me nude is when she called telling me she was coming over.

I purposely jumped in the shower fast and when she knocked on the door I told her I was wet and naked then asked if it was ok with her.

When she said she didn't care I let her walk in and remained naked with her for more than an hour.

I got an erection a couple times which she only laughed about.

From then on I only told her I liked to be naked and she never once objected to it.

That's when I asked her permission to masturbate and even that she didn't complain or object.

Within a month or so she brought Mira with her who is 20 and 3 weeks after that her other friend Tonya who is 21 began to come also.

I keep a supply of weed and beer handy for them but think they actually like seeing me naked.

Mira actually asks me at times when I'm going to jerk off.

None of them are good looking girls but it just arouses me the way they see me naked all the time.

Nilsa always calls me before any of them come over so that's my clue to get naked.

I know they all think I am the dumbest and most stupid guy they ever met.

I not only supply them with weed and beer but have sometimes lent them money I know I'll never get back.

Fact is its worth it to me. I can't even remember the last time I had clothes in front of them.

Aside from my nudity around them I always masturbate before they leave and they are usually here for a few hours at a time.

Sometimes its only 1 or 2 of them here but often all 3.

Some or all are here a few times a week and it seems always on Friday nights.

I know they laugh at me and more than likely talk about how stupid I am but I really don't care what they think of me.

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  1. Hey it’s your thing dude , makes you happy & at the same time making them happy as well . Can’t see anything wrong here. What you never said was are you a shooter or dribbler cum shot , because you can aim it at them if your a shooter like me

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