any one who likes to dress up when there wifes away I do every time shes away sheer black stockings suspender belt panties just looking for a guy into same

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  1. OMG…thats exactly wat i do.when ol lady leaves i get out my bag of sexy pantys and lingerie and play dressup. I always look and feel so fukn hot. I have been doing this for over 20yrs. A few yrs ago i began fantasizing about sucking a nice cock while i was dressed in lingerie. Ive decided that my first cock must be clean shaven and very discreet. It must look like my cock. Clean.smooth.and fat.

  2. Their are thousands of us who love to dress up. More and more every year come out of the closet and reveal their true self. We are all after the same thing, acceptance and sexual fulfillment. The older you get the stronger the urges become, don’t they?

  3. Started crossdressing when I was 12 or something. I had the idea because my boy classmate commented that I look good in tight pants. I looked at myself in the mirror and found out that I have a perky butt and imagined wearing tiny girls shorts. And yeah, every shorts and leggings I wear get shorter and tighter every time. Now I get to wear shorts with half my ass cheeks exposed in public. The compliments I get really excite me. I just pull my shorts higher, arch my back and look back to give them a shy smile.

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