Re:Sister Stress Relief..

My sister called me for a “rescue” one day.
her car stalled on her way home from work.
I went to her and she began complaining how her “sorry assed husband” should have been there to help. She cussed him every which way…lol
I just drove along and let her vent.she finally said “He Aint Even Worth A FUCK!

I had to lighten the mood, I said; you mean he aint even Fuckin’ you? she said Hell NO!
all the while her skirt is sliding up her legs.(shes wearing pantyhose)I patted her leg; Huny, you can get sum ding-a-ling anywhere…..she shook her head…naw, cheating is too “complicated” something goes wrong….
before I could think I asked; wouldn’t you like a good hard Fuck, if you Knew you could get away with it?
she looked at me seriously in the eye, then down at my crotch.
My cock was harder than Japanese arithmetic.
she gasped, and realized her panties were showing…I rubbed her thigh and touched her…warm and wet….
I had her that day before hubby got home, since then we fuck around quite a lot…

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