Thermometer / Temperature Fetish

I was raised in the 50s/60s. Illnesses were first diagnosed by mom and /or the nurse/doctor by getting a rectal thermometer put in my behind. This for most, I would guess is a greatly loathed procedure, albeit, mostly if done correctly, not painful. More psychologically humiliating and bringing on great embarrassment. Not for me.
As a teen, those times I got it taken rectally, I thoroughly got aroused by it, and there were often times the caregiver (not mom anymore) were cognizant of my aroused state.
To this day I look for venues where I can get a thermometer put in my butt. I’ve had it done in medical settings (not all would accommodate my requests-though many did), I got it taken by massage therapists and enema/colonic irrigation hydro therapists.
I’m fascinated: Aroused by being told I need my rectal temperature taken. I love having to roll over onto my stomach. The thrill of having my underpants (mostly low rise white cotton briefs) lowered slowly or yanked down hurriedly makes me very aroused. Then if it were an older thermometer my heart rate increased as I watched the nurse/therapist/aide shake the instrument down, hearing that “snapping” sound as she vigorously and rapidly shook the thermometer down. Next the coolness and rush of air as my cheeks were spread and the cold greasy lubed bulb finding its mark and sliding up into my rectum for three minutes!
As time went by the technology changed, and many an electronic rectal probe were well placed in my bottom ascertaining my body’s temperature. Occasionally the digital thermometer too.
Nothing as arousing too, as having a teenage “candy striper” or young aide under the keen eye of an ER nurse do the duty! And I had a few, some who seemed to have a penchant for talking about it while I was getting it taken, butt in the air, or turning the thermometer and twisting it while inserted! That got a reaction.

And I love taking a good looking female’s rectal temperature too. Temperatures rising!

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  1. Ive only had my temp taken every other way once and didnt like any of them. I always do rectal. i dont like being poked in my ears mouth or armpits. And i do my own. I never let them touch me. Docs and nurses are surprised but highly approve. Im a one and done girl.

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