Secretly Pursuing My Modeling Dreams

Im 19 , from Cali , never really did modeling before, but i always wanted to try it , the whole idea that my face and my body is the value that I bring and thats what people want is just such a big compliment and confidence booster.

Ever since i was like 16-17 and i had a huge glowup dads friend whos a photographer wanted me to model but dad never let me and always said , once you turn 18, sure, i turned 18 and then he said no again, i realized that the “when u turn 18” was an excuse and he was hoping that i let it go but I didn’t and when i turned 18 i wanted to do it…

I stayed good and didn’t do it ,even though i kinda wanted to, I am 19 , turning 20 in November, and I am broke..I wanted to do it so much and it got to a point where dads friend was asking me to do it and saying stuff about how good it would be almost every month and i also followed him on instagram where he posted pics about shoots he did, and everytime i saw it i was like ah that could be me.

I told dads friend okay im doing it but dont let dad know, dont tell him and dont post about it.We did the photoshoot last weekend , everything went smoothly except one thing that i will later talk about it was kinda hot to me atleast..

We did the pics, few outfits, simple white backgroun , no brand deal or anything, just for me to try modeling and for him to boost his portfolios, and my portfolio.

(the hot thing:I forgot my fij , and its a 20 minute train plus 2 min bus drive plus 10 minute walk back home so i wanted to go back for it quickly, i didnt even close the door yet, i quickly went back to the kitchen area, didnt even make any sounds i wanted to be quick cuz if i dont catch my train i have to wait an hour for the next, and as i walk out and quickly walk past the photoshoot set, i see him with his headphones on, sitting in front of his laptop, putting some creme or idk what it was on his hands, while his pants are already on the floor, staring at the pics that we did, i went home and ill be honest it turns me on to this second still, thinking about that)


When i got back

I told him if he wants to post anything anywhere, block my dad before he does it, and dont send it to him or whatever.

Next week comes by, he messages me that my dad was acting strange, when they hung out (i only see dad in the weekends so i didnt really see anything), and that hes scared my dad might have seen it.

Today, its friday, and my dad messages me, it will be on my prrofile.

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