It Was A Long Flight Overnight And I Was Tired

It was a long flight overnight and I was tired.

A car from the hotel was waiting for me and I fell asleep in the back of the car for a while.

The driver, Joao, was talkative, a man my age or older and he asked me standard questions, what was I in town for, and for how long.

He gave me a business card and told me that if I wanted him to show me around, he knew where all the best shows were, just give him a call.

I showered and shaved and took a nap and Joao took me downtown to my meeting that afternoon.

By then we were friends and he told me that he had a really top flight show he could take me to that night.

I was tired and wanted to beg off but I accepted and we agreed he would pick me up at ten o'clock.

Where we went was not anything I expected.

It was an all gay place, naked men dancing on stage, naked men giving table dances.

But unlike any club I had ever been to, here the men rubbed their dicks on the faces of their clients at the private tables.

There was no jock strap, or gstring, for tips, so you folded up your bill and pushed it up in their butt crack and they clenched their cheeks as they walked away to drop off their tips with the bartender.

For not too much money you could suck and swallow.

For not too much money you could take the man and fuck him.

For not too much money, there were the big boys who fucked you.

This was a wild west club for gay men late at night.

And Joao was in his element, sucking and swallowing.

He kept offering, it's good he told me, you can fuck one if you want to.

It was difficult for me, I had never done anything in public, and I had never sucked a man of all things either.

Joao asked for a man named Rodrigo, a big heavy set man, with a beer belly and a bit thick cock Joao paid him to take me to a back room and fuck me.

Rodrigo was paid and he wasn't going to fail and he forced my pants down, and there were bottles and bottles of lubes and ointments, he fingered me up and fucked me.

That night I spent at Joao's, a small apartment in a working class neighborhood.

We had coffee in the morning and he rubbed his cock in my face and across my lips and I sucked him.

For the rest of my days in Rio I spent the nights with Joao.

We went back to the club, it was Joao's place and I sucked some cock there.

And went back to Joao's and Joao fucked me.

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