I Was A Kid, Not Too Worldly

I was a kid, not too worldly.

My brother told a joke about the man that the first time he had sex, he was scared, in the dark and all alone.

I didn't get it.

Years later I'm thinking of Laurie in Biology 101 and I'm beating away and it dawns on me, all alone in the dark and jerking off.

I got the joke.

I told Laurie and she laughed her head off, not at the joke but that it took me until then to get it.

I asked her if she ever masturbated, and she told me all the time, that's why every girl has a large hairbrush with a handle.

I don't get it. She says, look, I use the handle to fuck myself. I say, I don't get it.

She smiles and calls me helpless.

I go to her apartment, which she shared with three other girls, and I push her onto the bed and fuck her.

I use my hard dick and stick it in her wet pussy and fuck her.

Now she understood that I got it, and I played dumb for her.

Why use the handle of a hair brush when she had access to a hard dick? Get it.

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