I Let It Be, But Flagged It In My Head

Part 2 – This Skinny Woman Is EVIL I HATE her!
Then on one of my routines with getting the music together.

I LABELED the shit out of my audio tracks so that it does not get confused.

This bitch played the incorrect version of the track to try to embarrass me, live on stage.

I played it off. I thought how the fuck did she get that confused?

Which part of "FINAL COPY" was not understood?

Another time, I had this intuition that the head person was trying to compete and take up other dark elements.

Surely there is a thin line between flattery, respectful imitation and illogical jealousy.

I let it be, but flagged it in my head.

I noticed other odd things, like the photographer she uses were not people friendly, even though they looked like that outwardly, I can see the person's aura shrink.

WTf for? I'm just saying hello!

The other part of that was that I didn't get many good pictures, even though the head person had the photographer there.

I guess he wanted to film

The cake-topper on this shit was that someone from the papers wanted to do an article of our troupe.

The head person asked us to submit a bio and a picture. There was nothing said about it.

Three months later only 2 members in the troupe showed up in the piece.

Let me tell, you, I was livid.

I asked her in the chat, in front of everybody after she hyped it up "so, there's only 2 people out of at least 10 or 12 in the troupe?" A day later, I tore this human a new one in a personal email, venting out frustrations and the anomalies I encountered.

Again, crickets.

Later that night when I was going to bed, I received a punch in the gut literally.

I'm the only one who lives in my apartment and don't' get any visitors It was hours after I sent that email, how paranormal is that?

Once I get my get my bearings I will go after that person/being/entity and the so-called human jackass who formulated the idea.

The next idiot who does that to me unprovoked deserves to dry up and drop dead.

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