I Saw Her From The Back Washing Between Her Legs

Around 14 i discovered (purely by accident i may add ) my adopted mom nude washing.

I saw her from the back washing between her legs.

She was early 50s with a great body, this sexually aroused me to the point where i would watch from my room and masturbate myself while listening to the squelch of the soap between her legs.

I knew it was wrong peeking but i couldnt help it as my hormones were everywhere.

This became the norm i suppose because i began realizing she always left the door open and did this while the others were out.

I began realizing that she wanted me to watch and this excited her so i continued this every week thinking of it as a family secret.

She would have been aware that i was masturbating also.

She spoilt me rotten and bought me everything so there was a bond there even though it was sexual and i thought well we are not related and she is a Christian.

Finally at 15 through sexual frustration i asked her if i could dry her back.

Purely an excuse to feel my body against hers. To my excitement she agreed and said yes son.

Wearing only my shorts i began drying her back but naturally i was rubbing myself against her bare bottom with a full throbbing erection.

She took the iniative then by suggesting i take them off so i did.

We were about the same height so when she turned round we just stared at each other, nature then took over and we threw our arms round each other.

We began fondling one another which i wanted.

Here i was at 15 with an adult woman, both of us naked and feeling each other and her telling me how well i looked.

We wrapped our bodies round each other and before i knew it i had ejaculated against her body.

Immediately i apologized. She smiled at me and i followed her to her room.

I became excited again watching her bottom wiggle in front of me.

We began fondling again and she taught me how to masturbate her while she did me.

Yes she bent over and gave me oral while i felt her bottom.

Once in bed i mounted her without hesitation and she guided me inside her.

We had awesome bareback sex that first day and we continued this for years and nobody found out.

She did incite me at the beginning but I dont regret a thing because we both wanted it soo bad.

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