I Am A Sexually Deviant Sick Pervert

I am a sexually deviant sick pervert.

I expose my genitals and masturbate in public in front of girls of any age from young teenagers up.

I have been doing this for years and only been caught twice out of the hundreds of times i have stood in front of one or more girls and forced them to watch me masturbate and ejaculate.

I have gone into girls washrooms and made them watch me in a stall and even forced the to touch my penis or fondle my testicles.

I have gotten very bold of late, where I will go into wooded areas, taken off all my cloths and waited for a female jogger or and female the is wandering looking a nature.

past few weeks I have been very lucky where I have grabbed a younger girl, quickly grabbed her mouths and gagged her and tie her hands behind her back with zip ties and force her to the ground.

Straddling my naked body across her my penis hard and erect my intentions are clear, I rip her cloths exposing her breasts, and removing her shorts and panties, I force my penis inside her unwilling vagina, and thrust inside her very hard obviously causing her great pain, I continue ramming my penis inside her ejaculating inside her, and continue to cum at least 3 more times.

After I tie her ankles and knees together, and rip the rest of her remaining clothing off leaving her naked body fully exposed.

I tie her ankles to her already bound hand and zip tie her elbows together and drag her to a more dense area of trees and look at her crying eyes, and I urinate on face and body and finally zip tie her nck to a tree, not to strangle her but to make it impossible to move of attempt escape.

I never heard anything in the news about when of if the found her, but I certainly loved the experience and can't wait to try it again

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