But Later I Found Religion, And Got Married To A Religious Leader

Here goes.
Most of my life I have been a very reserved modest lady.

When I was an early teen I was a bit of a tomboy.

But later I found religion, and got married to a religious leader.

I have taught and lived out the virtues of modest and purity for years.

But not in my mid 30's something changed.

About 2 years ago I started (accidently) reading erotic literature online.

I slowly started developing a desire to show myself off.

Of course I cant really do it in my circle, so I have taken to using my background as an amateur photographer and my new found secret desire.

So I created a private instagram account and have been very slowly sharing sexy photos of myself.

I know its risky, but that partly turns me on.

The account is pvt so if someone I knows comes across it I wouldnt let them in, I simply block them.

So here I am, a wife in her 30's with two kids and a great husband, and a secret revealing media account.

Where this will lead, who knows, but slowly I feel other desires growing inside me….

we shall see

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