Humiliated Sissy Baby

My wife and I sleep in different bedrooms. Such it is when your a sissy. She came into my room last night as I was humping my pillow while in my chastity. I am kept in it because I always play with myself and my sheet get dirty from it. Any way she caught me so I had my bottom spanked hard with the hair brush. Then she put the cuffs on me, then put diapers on with plastic pants. I hate it when I have to wear them. I was put to bed that way foe the night. This morning she had me up at four AM. and took off the cuffs. She had me up and into the bathroom in seconds as I tried to protest. I was told to drop my diaper and plastic pants off then spread my cheeks and bend over. I did as told and she greased up my rear and inserted a plug into my rectum. This took some time and hurt since this is not done but a few times a year. I was screaming in such pain but told to shut up and be still as I was smacked a few times. Once in I was told to pull up my diaper and plastic pants. I protested that I had to go to the bathroom but was told that I would have to go in my diaper because that is why I was wearing it. I was aware of the fullness and it made it hard to move very fast. I was told that I better not pout at all or things would get worse. Then she pushed me out to the kitchen to start dishes. I wet my diaper and had to wear it while I did house chores. When I was done cleaning the house she took me to the changing table to take off my wet diaper. I was washed up and while on the changing table she unlocked my chastity so I could be cleaned proper. With out trying my c**k sprang to life and was real stiff. Enable to get it back to where the chastity would fit again I was given a prostate massage with the plug until I climaxed which made another mess. I was told to clean it up with my fingers and lick them clean which I did. Then washed off again and repowered and put back in chastity. Diapered, plastic pants and a baby dress that came to the waste. This is how I am now.

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