Me, too..For cash.

My hot-bodied, and, hot, older sister was famous for throwing house parties. Real blowout, wild ones. I attended all the time, and, even though she and I messed around, kept it to ourselves. Until one party, that is.As it got later and guys got drunk, most got their hands on her, spilling beer on her ass or top then saying “Let me get that”, involving grabbing and groping of her body. I watched several guys do it, to her laughing reaction (and wet clothing), and waited my turn. Groped her short-shorts ass in the hallway, and one guy saw me, saying he did and was surprised.

“That’s your sister, man..And you touch her like that?” the boozed-up guy asked. I told him yes, all the time, wanting to sound cool. He said didn’t believe I did it all the time, and offered me $10 to do it again, with him there.

We followed her down the hallway, and another guy did the beer spill thing, groping at her ass like crazy. I joined in, with her watching me. Was drunk, so OK with it.

Guy gave me the cash, and got other guys involved. Some gave me a 5, some a few ones, but all wanted to touch her AND see me do it, too. Was like a little side business at her body’s expense. She didn’t bother to change wet clothes, either, so probably figured most guys would handle her as-is. Why bother putting on dry shorts when they’re only going to get soaked anyway?

I also had at her in the basement, with people upstairs. Best party she threw, in my opinion.

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