female wanting female

I’m a female and I want to touch, kiss, lick, squeeze, smell and taste another female so badly I can’t think of anything else sometimes. I’m in a relationship with a man. I don’t think I’m a lesbian but wouldn’t care if I were. I watched my boyfriend closely when we made love this morning. His face in pussy, his fingers in pussy. I could taste it on his lips and tongue. This is torture
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  1. I’m not a lesbian but have the same feelings as you do. Sometimes it drives me crazy just thinking about sucking a girl’s pussy and having her suck mine. Kissing each other and touching breasts, rubbing clits together omg you’re not alone..

  2. I crave the softness of another woman but I am also not gay. I could easily love the right woman, but I think that would be near impossible to find. I want to worship her in the ways she needs and make her happy.

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