Hard to find females that’s into it and willing to try it out

Im a straight female with a crazy fetish for females neck, especially if its flexible. Its come to the point where l’ve made a IG page specifically just for my fetish. I’ve checked alot of fetish sites to see if I like was a thing but what I find is just regular neck fetish videos.

There’s hardly any videos that caters to what I like. An I honestly wish there were more females with a kinky side that wouldn’t mind trying out my fetish. Even sometimes I want ask around online and to my friends if they would try it, even though my family and friends know nothing about this cause they would freak out if they did.

I know neck fetish is normal but as a straight female, I feel weird to have such a feeling towards it.

Confessed by: Hana

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  1. That’s so hot.
    So I was fucking my girlfriend the other day anal, and when I pulled my cock out I didn’t touch it I just let it go straight up with my head pointing at me cause I was hard as hell, I could smell ass on my dick and it turned me on so much. I enjoy the smell of her ass during 69 and eating her from the back, but something about having that smell on your cock after anal turned me into an animal. I made her suck it so she could smell her own ass on me and then I busted like no other. And when we kissed we could both smell ass and it seemed to turn us both on. I want to talk to her

  2. My neck is as sensitive as my clit more time lol , kissing it is just ummmmmmyummyskuchusssssfkmemmmm,but tbh you only have to breath on my neck,hair pulled up mmm or touch it even one finger brushinnnmmm over a weeenny bit well if nothing under my skirt down my legs mmm gotta go xxxx

    • I would like if you asked me a. Stranger to help with your necklace caught in your hair, with your head tilted to one side and you holding a majority of your hair to the side i would take my time since i love a womans neck i would be careful not to touch your neck but would focus on my breathing and getting close enough to let my breath find your neck watching your body and listening for clues that its is turning you on ii would wait a minute and if nothing clear stood out i would ask you to sit that way you would see my bulge growig restless in my pants thats inches from your face and seeing down the front of your shirt would push me to turn it up by needing a thrid hand and with only my teeth to grab the clasp i would control my breathing to match yours once your hair is free my lips would lightly latch on to your neck for a moment befor pushing off with my tongue i would repeat several times till im at your throat area and my hand gently conforms to the roundness of your breast …fuk i gotta rub one offf

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