From A Young Age I Was Obsessed With Feet

I know this is fairly common, but I had never seen anything about it unless I went looking for it.

I have a foot fetish.

I'm 19 year olds and it only really clicked when a good friend of mine asked me to look at his foot for medical advice while i was high and i refused so profusely he accused me of the fetish.

I've never felt more embarrassed, but I'm honestly so glad I'm finally able to admit to myself.

From a young age I was obsessed with feet. Any women with toe rings I was drawn to.

But as I got older I started realising that people didnt really get foot fetishes (so i thought) and I decided that I hated feet.

If anyone so much as didnt wear socks around me I was uncomfortable right away.

Its weird being a woman with a foot fetish, being so young with no one to explore it with.

I like women as well as men but womens feet are so much softer and more attractive to me.

I still feel odd about it, but I guess I'll grow into it once I know that this type of thing is accepted by whoever my partner is in the future

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