I Have This Bitchy Butch Mummy

I hate it when she starts on me and hurts my delicate feelings and wont treat me like a girl i am a girl but she wants to treat me like a boy. sometimes then out of the blue she wants to play girlies…

I think she wants to fuck me and i don’t want to fuck her. i want the guy next door he has a sweet English accent and the cutest ways. my love…. if he only knew how much i love him and want to touch him if let me. i cry … my love so deeply inside of me for him. i will take him as he is no matter what but please don’t fuck my mummy boy she a slut butch cruel mummy…i need you to save me boy from her. please don’t fuck my bitchy slut sister who fucks with all these men and make a raped dog of my ass. please boy don’t hurt me like that to fuck that bitch. please love me i will do anything for you to love me. anything at all but not that. i need and want to be in your arms your soft voice heals me. knowing you are so close. i constantly feel horn with you near me. i want to fuck with you so badly. please fuck me boy. please come to me and fuck me please boy. please i beg you to fuck my pussy boy. and let me drown in the sexy melody of your voice … and baby face. please boy…i love you soft and feminine i love you any way you want to be.

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