I Was Being Lazy And Not Focusing On My Studies

I want to mention that a few things, For give me father for I have sinned, my last confessions was a few weeks ago.


My first confession is that I use to lie alot with my friends and family and I want god to forgive me for saying lies.

I been saying the truth lately, I have learned the lying doesn't take you anywhere I am being very honest and truthful with people when I talk.


I have been pretty rude to people before, I would say horrible things behind their back and I learned that doing that doesn't take me anywhere.

I been being more polite and respectful and keeping my mouth shut now.


I took a test at school and I cheated I know it was wrong it really didn't take me anywhere so I stopped doing that.

I was being lazy and not focusing on my studies. I been changing now and haven't done that anymore.


I want to confess another thing I would watch porn online and on TV I know it is wrong but I wanted to know what it was I actually masterbated too.I am controling myself now and staying away from my TV and computer so that I don't do that anymore.

I didn't know what got into me.

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