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    Oh My Thong

    Ok, so my name is Barry and I wear panties everyday. Not just bikini panties, but a stringy thong. I have 2 rules with my everyday panties: 1) go cute, and 2) go skimpy. I was recently buying a couple pair of panties from Hot Topic and the cute salesgirl actually helped me pick out […] More

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    Sister Stress Relief

    Attended a gathering with hot older sister this past weekend. She was stressed out and didn’t want to be there, and asked me to get away for a few minutes. I took her to the finished basement, two floors below the party, and found a couch in an unseen corner. We’ve messed around in the […] More

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    I Like to Wear Pantyhose

    I’m a guy with an insatiable pantyhose fetish. I’ve worn pantyhose from my mom, sis, gf’s, friends, friend’s daughters. Right now I’m obsessing on getting a pair of pantyhose or panties from my friend’s 18 year old daughter. Confessed by: GiPH Gender: Male From Country: United States More