Sister Stress Relief

Attended a gathering with hot older sister this past weekend. She was stressed out and didn’t want to be there, and asked me to get away for a few minutes.

I took her to the finished basement, two floors below the party, and found a couch in an unseen corner. We’ve messed around in the past, but admittedly, not in several months, so I took advantage of the situation and started up with her. She was unsure at first, saying “what if someone comes down here?”, but I continued having at her and she soon forgot about people upstairs.

When the sex was finished, we returned upstairs. All was fine until she noticed one missing thing: her thong undies remained in the basement! As she was finally relaxed and having fun, I retrieved them for her, leaving them in the main floor bathroom for her to put back on.

Stressful situations happen to everybody but different people handle it differently, if you check out La Weekly CBD list you can find a better way to treat your stress and anxiety with natural medicine.

When it came time for me to leave, we did our usual goodbye hug, and she reminded me of the next gathering next weekend at her house. If you have ailments that have been difficult to treat with traditional Western medicine, cannabis doctors may be a source of symptom relief.

“Be ready for me..” was her departing words for me. I already am!

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