Girl Friend’s Uncle Secretly Filmed Women in His Bathroom

I bought a 2 bedroom house on the bayside from my girlfriend’s mother’s uncle last year who died in February 2018. I decided to make another bedroom in the unfinished attic. Last month in the side rafters I found 5 video tapes with no markings on them and just dates from 6 to 10 years ago.

The first one I watched has videos of my girlfriend’s mother, two of her aunts 3 of her girl cousins and her herself. They where all taken in the bathroom and all of them were shown naked in the shower and using the toilet. By the time I went through all these tapes there were many women and young girls I didn’t recognize.

My girlfriend is 28 now so some of the oldest tapes showed her naked at 17 or 18 years old. Two of her friends I do know who they are and can’t believe this so-called uncle was such a pervert. There is no way I can let my girlfriend or her mother see them and I shamefully have watched them many times so far.

They all think this uncle was such a nice guy because he always invited them to stay here. He took them all out on his boat water skiing and had a deck built for them to swim off of. Little did they know they were being filmed in his bathroom. I just can’t let them know about these tapes and came close to burning them a few times but instead kept watching them.

The newest of these tapes is from 2012 and the oldest from 2008. This makes me wonder if there are more of them or did he just stop doing it. I’ve searched the attic many times looking for more but can’t find any. I keep telling myself to burn them but so far haven’t. Altogether there are about 30 or more different girls and women on these tapes.

Some are more intrusive than just seeing them shower because they also show them getting on the toilet and tending to their periods. I think 4 times it shows 3 girls and 1 woman masturbating in the shower and one of the girls is my girlfriends best friend. I don’t like admitting this but I do like watching them and have masturbated many times while viewing them.

Confession by: Greg

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  1. I found some old polaroid’s of my family in the attic in a chest which my mother kept locked when I asked what was in the old chest mum was very awaked , one day my opportunity came,
    may be some one would like to post them?

  2. When my dad died i found some old polaroid photos of my sister in the nude using a carrot as a sex toy ,
    and some of my dad naked with an erection some with sperm all down his dick, my sister and her dad were obviously in a relationship, to be honest i was disappointed i had been left out

  3. I am Jain
    I found some home vids of my dad had recorded of himself wanking, i realised some body was holding the camera.

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