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    I’M So Foggy All Of The Time Now

    I'm so foggy all of the time now. I feel like I used to have so much more potential, and now forming cohesive thoughts outside of grief and anxiety is difficult. I can feel the emotions, I just have trouble forming complex thoughts that aren't driven by some anxiety-fueled rabbit hole. I'm so fucking tired […] More

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    I am Autistic

    I put myself online. I am autistic. I said some things I shouldn’t have to my parents and people in my years on Earth. I am sorry if I hate things I love now. I have OCD and anxiety. I hate crime. I signed up for things. I feel bad for Ukraine. Pray I don’t […] More

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    Accidental Exhibitionism and Overcoming Shame

    I just realized that I masturbated in my bedroom but forgot to close the blinds, and my apartment building is 100 feet from another apartment building. This is the honest truth, I was not doing this on purpose. I am not mortified and am almost having a panic attack. Incredibly deep shame, and recurring self-hate […] More