Recent Confessions

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    I shouldn’t have lost my temper the other day

    Dear Heavenly Father: I shouldn’t have lost my temper the other day. I don’t like that person, and he wanted me to stay in his office discussing work, I got impatient. I felt he is an idiot. In fact, the whole industry is controlled by idiots, the whole country is controlled by a group of […] More

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    Falling to Pieces

    My husband drinks and doesn’t take responsibility for any of his shortcomings. The kids and I have dealt with his drinking form years. Just when we think it improves, he gets worse and ruins a planned event, great weekend, or a fun moment. He threaten to take our son to hide out in the country […] More

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    First Confession

    God i have done several mistakes and I want you to forgive me. I have lied, stolen, often got angry over everyone and thought of and committed all sins of materialistic and worldly pleasures. I have made my body impure. please forgive lord and am willing to surrender myself completely into thy healing hands. Shown […] More