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    Addicted to Pain Killers

    Chronic pain affects over one third of all Americans and many manage that pain through prescription medication. The primary form of treatment for these individuals is use of some type of pain-relieving medication, commonly known as painkillers. While these drugs are designed to reduce sensitivity to pain, they also create a sense of euphoria – […] More

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    Addicted to Cousin

    My family is large, but I only have one male cousin on my dads side.When we were little he stayed over and told me to touch his penis but I didn’t because I thought it was weird looking. After a couple years he started touching my vagina, and I never thought twice about letting him. […] More

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    Porn Addict

    I have been married for 17 great years 2 awesome kids mortgage new home the majority of the jobs i have had the hours have given me the chance to be home during the week during the day and what i have chosen to do with my time is watch porn all day and sometimes […] More