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    Some Drug Dealers Moved into Apartment

    Some drug dealers moved into my above flats and below flats, they secretly drill holes outside my windows and my floor corners. They attached pressure gas tanks to spray holes, then spray drugs into our flats. Later they study the air flows in building, and control the air movements in and out the flat, with […] More

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    I don’t want to lose our friendship

    I am a second-year student pursuing my Engineering course. I have been from a school, which I hated throughout my teenage years. I never liked that place, I never liked being around those people who put me down always. Every morning, the walk from my school gate to the classroom was the worst journey. I […] More

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    I hate all the that my country has enforced onto me

    I hate all the that my country has enforced onto me those stupid covid 19 measures. I hate how what shitty person I became cause I am angry( disappointed) with university and due to it. Education is shit in my country and not worthy. Angry with the government and I want to commit treason. Also […] More