I am a Monk, Want to Enjoy

I have been a monk now for 8 years now. And I haven’t had any contact with a girl for the past 9 years. I badly want to have a baby with a girl I want to just talk to a girl but there is no way I can with out upsetting the lord. I’m caught between my beliefs and my wishes. Do you thing God will understand? will he forgive me?

Confessed by: Anuppamas
Gender: Male
Country: China

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  1. Ask God for a baby and a loving relationship. he is able to provide this. A door will open. Maybe the monastery will need you to drop your status with them, but God can take care of this concern as well.

  2. I think… there are many ways to please God. One is to follow your heart for he is alive and well there. Do not be to hard on yourself. You must be strong for others may not understand. Do not judge them when they do not.