I Broke My Promise to God

Hello God,

i broke my promise to you, i just again gave into that odd addiction, i was trying to keep myself away from it for a long while, i almost succeeded too, you know god, i tried to keep a distance from it but this close to completely forgetting this, i gave into it again…i don’t know why but by the time i realized that I’m once again immersing myself into the drug, i already took too much of it, and couldn’t stop myself, god, i want to give this up, I’m trying hard, I’ve never done anything bad, then why do i always give in?? please god, help me recover this addiction.

help me god, please help me, i want to get rid of these drugs, god please help, forgive me god, forgive me.

Confessed by: Eray Cimen
Gender: Male
Country: Thailand

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